We, Honda Kiko, are a manufacturer of special pumps and designs, manufactures and sales custom-made pumps based on technology and experience cultivated over many years.
Through the global network we have cultivated, we have a track record of delivery not only in Japan but also in more than 65 countries around the world, and we have earned a high trust on our after-sales service.

Company Profiles

Company name:
Trading Name:
Address of Head Office/Factory:
2055 Yamano, Kama-Shi, Fukuoka, 820-0202 Japan
+81-948 (42) 3111 / +81-948 (42) 3116
September 1, 1949
September 1, 1951

Top Message

Since our founding in 1951, we, Honda Kiko has continued to manufacture 100% build-to-order products that meet the needs of various kinds of fluids. I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our customers who have chosen “HONDA PUMPS” from among many pump manufacturers for their long-term patronage.

It has been said that “If there is a factory, there will be liquids”, and “If there are liquids, you will need pumps”. Indeed, Honda’s pumps acting as “the heart of the factory”, plays an important role in factories of all industrial fields, including petrochemicals, electric power, semiconductors, steel, food, automobiles, biotechnology, and the pharmaceutical industry. We are continuously supporting social infrastructure all around the world. Through that, we have been given the opportunity to take on challenges and the encouragement to commit to our work more earnestly, which leads us to further growth in the future.

A pump is a rotating device and it is also consumable. Therefore, it is crucial to deal with numerous problems that may occur with long-term use. In that aspect, to live up to the trust of our customers, we have been exerting ourselves with after-sales follow-up and maintenance service under our creed “Selling is not the goal”. As a leading pump manufacturer, Honda Kiko will provide pump solutions that satisfy customers, with the goal of receiving customer’s reputation such as ” I’m glad I chose HONDA PUMPS”.

We will continue to design, manufacture and deliver the most reliable,durable and high-quality pumps that meet the requirements of deversifying and evolving markets. Aiming to be a 100-year-old company, we will inherit the spirit of our corporate motto “SINCERITY, ENDEAVOR, INNOVATION”, never forget our efforts, and continue to innovate with a sincere attitude.

President and CEO


Head Office・Factory:
2055 Yamano, Kama City, Fukuoka Prefecture 820-0202 Japan
TEL:+81 948(42)3111 FAX:+81 948(42)3116
International Business Department:
TEL:+81 948(42)3115 FAX:+81 948(42)3777
Sales Partners:


The first president
Hatsuyoshi Honda

1949 /
Honda Machinery Trading Company was established
1951 /
Reorganized and changed the company’s name to “Honda Kiko Co., Ltd.”
The first president was Hatsuyoshi Honda
1965 /
Opened a sub-branch office and maintenance & repair factory in Tokyo
1967 /
Started planned production of stainless steel casted pumps
1968 /
Promoted Tokyo and Osaka’s sub-branch offices to sales branches
1970 /
Developed and started manufacturing of BLS Latex Emulsion Pump.
Constructed second factory

1974 /
Relocated the factory to the current place
1977 /
Relocated the head office to the current place
1980 /
Developed and started manufacturing of CSPS Ultra Self-Priming Pump
1982 /
Engaged with Kobe Inc. (currently Trillium Pumps USA, Inc.) in technical collaboration of Roto-Jet pumps (specialized in high-pressure pumps)
1989 /
Kenji Honda assumed the position of president and CEO
1990 /
Expanded factory for technical improvement and innovation
1992 /
Developed and started manufacturing of RSP Self-Priming Pump
1997 /
Toshio Fukushima assumed the position of president and CEO

“TIMES” magazine Ryuzoji interview article published

2000 /
Engaged with Düchting Pumpen Maschinenfabrik GmbH &Co. KG in business and technical collaboration of MC Slurry Pumps.
Developed and started manufacturing of MSP Low NPSH Self-Priming Pump
2002 /
Certified ISO 9001:2000
2003 /
Started research & development of microbubbles under the industry/academia consortium project
2005 /
Kensuke Ryuzoji assumed the position of president and CEO
2006 /
Established the Overseas Sales Department
2007 /
Developed and started manufacturing of BUSP Micro Nano Bubble Pump
2008 /
Construction of new warehouse and the refurbishment of factory are completed.
Established the Customer Service Division
2009 /
Won “The Best Community Contributor Award” by Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun (a well-known Japanese daily newspapers).
Displayed and demonstrated the BUSP pump at the world largest water quality event “WEFTEC 2009” taken place in Orlando USA.
2010 /
Our CEO – Ryuzoji won the Award for “Excellent Management” from the Kyushu-Yamaguchi Regional Economic Contributor Award Foundation.
Started sales and technology collaboration with Friatec AG from Germany (currently ITT Rheinhütte Pumpen GmbH).
Displayed and demonstrated the BUSP pump at the Singapore International Water Week.
An interview article about Our CEO – Ryuzoji was published on TIME magazine.
Displayed and demonstrated the BUSP pump at JETRO Environment Zone “Green innovations from Japan” in APEC Exhibition , Yokohama
2012 /
Established new headoffice building and warehouse
2013 /
Installment of 3D-related equipment such like a 3D printer in our R&D Division.
Displayed and demonstrated the MSP pump at Oil & Gas Indonesia (Indonesia’s energy-related trade fair)
2016 /
Received the “New Diversity Management Best 100 Award” from the Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry.
Developed and started manufacturing of HBS Foot Support Utility Pump
2017 /
Received the “Advanced Company for the Regional Econmony Award” from the Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry

2019 /
Expanded new factory
2021 /
Celebrated the 70th anniversary of company foundation
2022 /
Awarded for the Silicon Island Kyushu – semiconductor project